Monday, March 27, 2006

sometimes in life, i'm just so lonely.
sometimes i just wanna feel that particular person's presence,
feel that that one person is there for me all this while
when i'm sad,
when i'm lonely,
when i need that one person.
- althought that very one was there for me sometimes,
love me truckloads,
cared for me so much.
treat me so well.
but.. i'm still lonely in my life.

whatever, i have my new besties. FLOR &WEISAN!
lolss, the siao charbohs!

i had so much fun today,
weisan &flor was super super super funny.
i had so much fun at sch today

had so much fun with jx lolss
i'm a big bully ! bully jx !
but nvm la, he's there for me to bully heheheh
then we went to buy ingredients for lagsana &shepherd's pie
serene came to my house to learn how to cook lagsana &shepherd's pie

yah, i burned my finger
dunno how come i so dumb also i just dipped the top sector of my right middle finger into boiling water.
uber painful ! i was getting all teary le T-T

darling came to cook breakfast for me =)
very sweet hor ?
darling only cook for me only lor ! only me ME ME !!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

i'm feeling so FUCKING STRESSED-UP.
i haven't been feeling so uncomfortable after the projectsuperstar phrase.
fuck it.
fuck those period cramps, fuck those
fcuk fuck fuck FUCK IT !

i'm sad, cheer me up? anyone ?
show me love.

he doesn't care., so what if i'm crying ?
sometimes, some people just make me feel this world is so ugly.
every single things used to be beautiful in my eyes, now i see the ugliness.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

this morning during P.O.A lesson,
my period suddenly come
walao, so paiseh lorh i had to get a pad from weisan in class
lolss then i had very very very bad cramps
the pain was so bad
i couldn't even sit up properly =(
thank god there's WEISAN !!!
panadol ! lolss !
*hug weisan & start cry thankfully*

then we went to watch the judo tournament
our school lost quite badly, saddening

after school we went to play volleyball with flor, weisan, rach, angelina, huiqi, eugene
lolss, flor say " wahh, 1st time see fidelis play volleyball leh "
hehe i'm not into sports mar. lolss
now my wrist so red >.<
play until it start raining still continue playing !
haven't get all drenched in rain for a long long time le
but it was so much fun !

then actually going home le,
budden on my way home bumped into kinwai ( MY MAID ! LOLSS ) & randall
my kinwai very man lor, got one bruise on his chin lolss
got hit during the judo match, still got blood lor
so man can ! lolss and he's like super cute la
then the three of us keep gossiping &gossiping
very fun leh, lolss !
then they boh sent me home cos it was pretty late le
my kinwai SIBEH MAN !

Monday, March 20, 2006

i went to gmask my phone ! cost me a total of 38+22.80=60.80bucks! the 12 swarovski crytal one by one was carefully glued onto the wrap. it's even more beautiful than the pictures !


Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

well, went shopping with felicia
i haven't seen her for a long long, long time lor
hmm..two years ago it was also her who accompanied me to meet darling for the 1st time.. hehehe! sounds really long ago huh ?
got darling something from RE at the hereen, really happy that he liked it muacks !
hmm..i got myself some starburst candies from candy empire anyway! LOVE 'EM !
watched hotel rawanda, really really nice show
4 out of 5 bites. a total must watch !


did nothing at home, rot rot &rot. evening went for music practise, such a kill throat.


went to church really early today, starts at 9 this week somemore i was the backup singer but before i even could do my make up, we had to leave already. and all i've done was to style my hair!! i ahven't even started on make-up at all ! so i had to fucking do it in the car, man. IT WAS SO TOUGH! the foundation and everything was all right, but mascara ! >.<>

went home to get my stuff, dad sent me to downtown east. i was meeting weisan, flor &karen at the entrance of wild wild wet @ 12pm. &&&i was like freaking scared i couldnt meet them or what, cos they were already there at 9plus, so i cannot call them to find out where they are it was so scary can ! like.. how, if they forget the time and didnt come to meet me at the entrance.. scary leh.. wait there alone.. lolss.

it was alot alot of fun ! omg i totally hate the tsunami pool ! even with the stupid float you still have to struggle to stay above water, fuck. then what the hell is it for ? and the wave ! AHH! the wave lasted so long ! the four of us was like trying so hard to keep together *pant pant* it's killing me, i swear my leg muscles were toner the next day. and today i didnt go to school because of the bodyache, when i swing my arms still got *kiak kiak* sound de. VERY SCARY LOR! i thought might break or what.

lolss, i wanted to play the slide up so much !! but none of them wanted to play it ! *sobs* lolss ! weisan was like so so funny can ! we were play ular-lar mar, the 6 people ride. weisan was like grabbing on so tightly, her expression was.. i cannot describe !! she's so cute la.

and i was so so stupid to forget to bring and extra shirt so flor lend me hers. i gotta thank her so much phew, then we went to eat pizza hut ! both flor &fidel LLOOVVEE sweet 'n spicy drumlets! we had like.. 5 each ! and we shared a hawaiian pizza


didnt go to sch.. i woke up with this really bad bodyache lor, when i tried to sit up it was already very painful. thennnnnnnnn at 1 plus i went to compass point, got my brows trimmed at Leonard Drake, FUCK! i didnt know plucking brow was SO fucking painful. the last time i went for brows trimming at jean yip yishun branch (btw, it was a very bad job @ jean yip) they dont use tweezers but instead they use blades. but truthfully, the slow & painful brow job @ Leonard Drake was so so so much better than jean yip. The environment was tonnes better than jean yip, soothing music the lighting was just right (not too glaring)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

"YES, MY QUEEN" he says.

aimer mon leon chéri

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

10 march '06
career's day! finally!
bought my formal wear from G2000 together with weisan &flor.
woke up at 5 ( so tiring can ! very long never wake up so early lerh! )
bath, makeup &styled my hair.
off to flor's place! hahas,
so funny lor.
we so noisy, her brother still can sleep until very "xiang" lor
then weisan helped me to paint my toenails hehe, so paiseh *blush*
then we dilly dally until late le ! almost going to take cabby to sch le
but suddenly the bus come hahas, then reach sch le so embarassing can!

Image hosting by Photobucket
fidel ,flor &weisan

hmm.. i wonder where the sec two's are going ? still got luggage somemore =.=
the talk is so boring can? lalala
i just wanna get out and MOVE!
then we went to the PA room hehe

Image hosting by Photobucket
elaine &fidel

Image hosting by Photobucket
opps, caught on camera!

when we're in the hall it's freaking warm can !
the course it's totally USELESS.
i thought tey will teach us howto write our resume or sth
the trainer just ended up showing us abt a movie. BAH-

coincidently, 10 march is also OUR 1&halfyears.
i'm so HAPPY -jumpsaround
so since i have to dress formally for career's day
i made sure HE had to dress as formally as I did
-turn aside &giggles.
lolss. at first went to darling's hse o have lunch with leon's mummy & ahma
darling so so so sweet he got a two pairs of earring and a necklace as a gift =)

Image hosting by Photobucket
new earrings

Image hosting by Photobucket
new necklace hehe

Image hosting by Photobucket
on the mrt ((:

then we went to watch date movie i rate it 2 stars.
not TOTALLY funny, but still watch-able

took some pictures

Image hosting by Photobucket
my inamorato.

then we went to tao's restaurant for dinner
for the second time =)
love it love it! iced summer peach tea! the pork ribs are really yummy hehe
my favourite is.. TADA!! creme brulee
the 1st time, i dont remenber.. it's to celebrate our anniversary too
hmm, but it's really so long ago, one year plus ? no idea lolss.

Image hosting by Photobucket
at tao's restaurant, chomp chomp chomp.. YUMMY! :))

11 march '06
darling came to pei me in the morning
hehe, my honeybunch, he bought breakfast for me
muacks! ever so sweet-
then went shopping with my pie, rene.
love her hahas we both are crazy
and yep, she calls me mutton curry &her shepherd pie
told you we're nuts lolss.
i bought a clutch bag,

Image hosting by Photobucket

12 march '06
went for bbq at east coast
when my gwennie darling came i'm so happy can!
i haven seen her since erm.. hahs one months ago?
okays.. not a very long time ago la hehe
but i still miss her !

Image hosting by Photobucket
gwennie &fidel

Image hosting by Photobucket
gwennie muacks fidel ! OOOHH! THE ADULTEROUS PAIR! lolss >.<

it was scary can ! we were standing by the shoreline and eating la
hahas (cos don't want others to see our "chou yang" while eating)
then we stand there then suddenly i feel something crawling on my feet &bit me
i think it's a crab or sth, then i went screaming &screaming >.<
very scary leh ! don't laugh at me leh hahas

Image hosting by Photobucket
our feets!

then we counted stars! it was so beautiful.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

went to chalet with darling hehe at singapore yacht club

"guess guess guess", walao.. it's super duper disgusting can?
all the so called "mei shao nan" WAHH REALLY AHGUA LOR !
watch le feel like puking ! i was so full of.. "eeee", "oooooo", "ahhhhh!"
*swallows saliva* ...eeww...

majong majong majong =(
sit there for 7 hrs watch darling play majong..
i'm miss restless can ! TO ME IT'S TORTURE!


cannot take it, so i went to the balcony
j'xiong called me hehehe, thank god there's jx
or else i'd be totally SMOKED.
den i fell asleep at the balcony leh..
so so so COLD LEH ! sea breeze + it's in the middle of the night = FREEZING COLD !
and i was so lazy to go in and get a towel to cover myself
woke up shivering ='( SO KE LIAN RIGHT!
boredom + endless waiting + it's freezing cold = CRAZY FIDEL !
i got so frustrated can !
then i went in wj came le but i think i didnt see him
hehe just woke up blur blur -.-
cannot take it ! THEY HAVEN'T FINISH !
then i went out of the room hehe darling followed me
then i told darling IM VERY UNHAPPY !
then darling say okay okay a few more rounds finish le i pei you okie ?

but then, wait until they finally finish le
darling also sit there WATCH THEM PLAY !
i was feeling so sad lor !
go chalet kena pangseh like that..
majong majong ...CANNOT STAND!

i just want some attention mar just want darling pei me mar.. hais..

that place so laid back and beautiful, obviously it's for you to relax WHY THEY MUST PLAY MAJONG UNTIL MENTALLY SO STRESSED UP ARH ?

finally (and i totally meant FINALLY) WE WENT FISHING !!

my life intoxicates, i didnt even need alcohol! seriously, i was feeling THAT excited, cos i can finally get out of that majongmajongMAJONG-ING !! okay, we're at the jetty. it's so cold can !! fell asleep at the jetty hehe..darling lay me on he's lap so gently.. it felt billion times better than sleeping at the balcony lor ! maybe you all will think.. eeee.. sleep at jetty.. so yucky. but.. but really very comfortable leh.. lie on darling so sweet.. NOT TO MENTION WARM ! =DDD

then terence caught a fish.. he was actually sleeping can ! he's rod almost flew off lor ! (eh, don't xiang "wai wai" i meant FISHING ROD lolss) it's so freaky lor ! i think the fish very poor thing.. kena hooked up very pain le.. still kena STEPPED ON! so much blood lor ! you see !

er xin right ? eeee... the fish jump once i scream once lor.. cos i so scared the bloody fish will jump into my face.. yerrhhh.. gross. i can't imagine myself dying like it.

we went to watch the sunrise hehe.. not much of a sunrise actually, cos there was too much clouds blocking =( but nvm hehe it's still sweet hehe


went to watch "big momma's house 2" with jx hahas, watch movie with him very sway one leh ! everytime is front seats one ! SWAY ! my neck was breaking can !! then he there " come come lie on my shoulder lor" ... AND SO COLD ! and went to play pool with him and he's friends ALL SI AHBENGS! and i bought a babydoll top from fox hehe

Thursday, March 02, 2006

today there's this freakin' BIG RAT ran pass our feets lor !
i totally freaked out and went crazy screaming -.-"
i'm so ashamed of myself HAHAHAS "dui zi ji de lian"
then jeline also scream haahs
(leon say everytime i come across some cockroach den i go screaming den give him a shock when actually he's not scared de, it's my scream that gave him a shock =.=)
SCARED ALSO CANNOT LOLSS ! hehe, but he say it's cute.
hmm.. i wonder.
btw lolss, who'sthat person who tagged my board using leon's name saying "lovemybaby!"
lolss. i really got tricked, but in the end i found out it wasn't him i was like so disappointed
hahas then the REAL leon darling went to tag my board hehe

PS: btw i bought my n70 yesterday! yay! =DDD